Thank you cards

The power of thank you

We all appreciate a little appreciation. And it doesn't always have to be a big production.

Think about this: Kiwanis clubs enrich their communities with six million hours of service each year. Think about what could happen if we shared our stories—and inspired others.

Here’s where you come in: Every community needs a Kiwanis club. And every club needs Kiwanians. The Formula is your chance to shape the future of your club, your community...and the Kiwanis family.

  • A chain reaction: The Kiwanis Club of Troy story
    April2017Troya Marie Malsch joined the Kiwanis Club of Troy,  New York, in 2013. She’s the club’s president  now—and even then, she thought she might  want to be an elected officer. “My husband,  Dr. Michael Malsch, has been a Kiwanian for  25 years and throughout his time in Kiwanis, I  attended events, ...
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