Odds and ends


The Service Leadership Programs sponsorship toolkit is designed to give basic tips and tools to a Kiwanis club that sponsors an SLP—helping Kiwanians powerfully and positively influence the clubs they lead.

As part of the toolkit, the Youth Protection Guidelines are a vital part of Kiwanians’ service and support for SLP members. All Kiwanis-club members are expected to adhere to the Youth Protection Guidelines. (Guidelines for Working with Aktion Club Members are also available.)

After all, Kiwanis strives to be the premier provider of youth service clubs and programs—so we must hold ourselves and our fellow members to the highest standards of conduct and awareness. Following these guidelines protects all Kiwanis-family members, including the adults who work with youth.

Additional resources:

The online Service Leadership Programs chartering toolkit provides tools for sponsoring a club from the beginning. The member recruitment tools, project ideas and steps for planning thoughtful service might also be useful for ongoing service clubs.

Chartering toolkits: