Sponsorship Toolkit

Sponsoring a Service Leadership Programs club goes beyond providing funds. It opens the door to new opportunities for club members and inspires them to become leaders themselves. Thank you for all you do as a sponsor and advisor. You’re a powerful and positive influence in so many ways.

Steps in the sponsorship toolkit are outlined below for you to complete the tasks needed to be successful. Or you may download a printable version. There is also a toolbox of resources and odds and ends to help you lead your SLP club.

Steps to sponsorship:

Step 1: Appoint a Kiwanian or a committee of Kiwanians to be Service Leadership Program (SLP) advisors:

Step 2: Attend SLP clubs meetings and events

Step 3: Maintain an expense line item in the service account

Step 4: Meet with school principal or facility manager each year.

Step 5: Ensure all dues and fees are paid

Step 6: Ensure proper training for SLP club officers

Step 7: Schedule a meeting with Kiwanis and SLP club leaders once a year

Step 8: Host or participate in joint activities

Step 9: Invite SLP club members to Kiwanis meetings

Step 10: Ensure SLP members have training opportunities beyond the club level