Key Club 
Sponsorship Toolkit

Key Club members get more out of high school. They appreciate what they have. They become caring leaders. They do good deeds in their community and around the world. Find out how you can do your part to encourage and inspire these extraordinary teens. Tap into these helpful tips and tools.

Browse the links below, where you’ll find tips and information for both sponsors and advisors. Don’t forget to check out these helpful odds and ends.

STEP 1: Appoint a Kiwanian or a committee of Kiwanians to be Service Leadership Program (SLP) advisors.

STEP 2: Attend SLP club meetings and events.

STEP 3: Maintain an expense line item in the service account.

STEP 4: Meet with the school principal or facility manager each year.

STEP 5: Ensure all dues and fees are paid.

STEP 6: Make sure SLP club officers receive proper training.

STEP 7: Schedule an annual meeting with Kiwanis and SLP club leadership.

STEP 8: Host or participate in joint activities.

STEP 9: Invite SLP club members to attend Kiwanis meetings.

STEP 10: Ensure SLP members are provided training opportunities beyond the club level.

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