Scholastic literacy programs

Teens readingKiwanis is proud to partner with Scholastic, an organization that provides children access to books and promotes a lifelong love of reading. Thanks to our partnership, Kiwanis clubs receive crucial resources for helping children in their communities get access to books and reading opportunities — regardless of socioeconomic status.

Scholastic offers the Kiwanis family of clubs a wide range of programs and packages that will promote and support literacy projects in communities all around the United States. Whether you are ordering books for a literacy project, opening a Reading Oasis, or helping with a local Book Fair, Scholastic is there to support your club’s efforts to open a world of possible to children in local communities through reading.

Reading takes children to new places, opens up their imaginations and presents new ideas to enrich their experiences. Transform how books brighten a child’s life by starting a literacy project in a local school. To access read aloud tips and many other resources that will help you be a “super reader”, go to the Read Aloud tips page. Check it out!

Want more information?

  • For Book Fairs or Reading Oasis information, contact or call (866)-232-3616.
  • For Book ordering through Scholastic Literacy Partners, go to or call 1-800-387-1437 x6333 to get direct assistance with becoming a Literacy Partner.

Check out the following Scholastic programs for your club