Step 7: Invite special guests

Suggested guest list

Inviting special guests to your Kiwanis One Day event is a great idea. It creates community awareness about your club and helps build quality relationships with local officials. Consider inviting these people if they have a connection to or interest in your project:

  • Local public officials
  • Local sports teams/personalities
  • Local performers/bands (to perform at the event)
  • School principals
  • School superintendent
  • Parent Teacher Association officials
  • Faculty advisors for Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, Aktion club, Terrific Kids, and BUG
  • Restaurant managers/owners
  • Bank managers
  • Policemen
  • Fireman
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Grocery store owner/manager
  • Newspaper reporters
  • Radio celebrities
  • High school coaches
  • Neighborhood association presidents (especially in the area you are working)
  • Local heroes or community members

Think about who makes a difference in your community and invite them to your event!

Suggested text for e-mail or postal mail invitation



Dear Jane Smith,

Greetings! On behalf of the [insert club name], please join us for Kiwanis One Day. On [DATE], members of our club [include others if applicable] will unite in a day of service to our community. Our goal is to [brief description of event].

Would you consider volunteering just a few hours of your time and making a difference in our community? [Include time and location.]

I look forward to seeing you and please contact me [insert contact information] with any questions.

In service,

[Your name]