Step 6: Take quality photos

Taking Quality Photos

Quality photographs can help a club obtain space in local publications. Most newspapers prefer candid shots—people doing things. If, for instance, your club sponsors a bike rodeo, take a shot of children riding through an obstacle course or of a member helping a child fix his bike. Show faces and emotions. Get close to the action. Make sure the sun—or other light source—is behind the camera and that faces are not lost in shadows.

Kiwanis International highly recommends that clubs obtain permission to publish images of persons who participate in their service projects. 

You are encouraged to submit Kiwanis One Day photos to Kiwanis International for possible use in various publications and promotional materials. Electronic images must be at least 4-inches by 5-inches with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. Photos should be taken at a camera’s highest setting in a large, high resolution format. Glance over the dos and don'ts on how to "Take inspiring photos" that may help get your club’s story published locally and beyond. Electronic images may be emailed, along with details of the story to Kiwanis Public Relations.

If your local newspaper covers your Kiwanis One Day event, it may provide photos (for publication purposes) at no charge or a nominal fee. In addition, Kiwanis International is interested in any radio or television coverage used to promote Kiwanis One Day.

When submitting photos to your local news media or Kiwanis International, you should provide this information:

  • Club
  • Contact
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Address
  • Brief description of event (200 words or less)