RSS instructions

What is that orange box?

That orange box with the odd symbol in it represents a news feed tool, also known as RSS. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." A news feed will allow you to see when Kiwanis International has added a news headline (or other content you choose to RSS). Kiwanis International provides an RSS feed in various areas of our sites so that users can get the latest headlines, video, audio, etc., on one place, as soon as it is published, without having to visit the website.

How do I use this RSS tool?
First, you need a news reader to use the RSS service. This is sometimes referred to as an RSS aggregator. A news reader is software that checks the feed and lets you read the new articles that have been added. There are many reader options. Some are accessed using a browser. You simply right-click the XML or RSS box and select "copy shortcut" or "copy target address" and then paste the address into your reader. Some browser-based readers let you drag-and-drop as well. Some are downloadable applications. Browser-based readers let you keep up with your RSS feed subscriptions from any computer, whereas downloadable applications store them on your main computer - much like downloading and keeping e-mail for reading later. Some browsers, including Firefox, Opera and Safari, automatically check for news feeds for you when you visit a website, and display an icon when they find one. All are different and you should consult your specific instructions for using the tool.

Once you have selected a news reader or aggregator, all you have to do is decide what content (news) you want to receive. Kiwanis International will begin to place the orange RSS buttons near many relevant news and resource material. Be aware that some readers only "publish" news within a certain timeframe, typically the last seven days. Sometimes the timeframe can be adjusted if you don't plan to check your news feeds more often.

Where do I get a news reader?

Different readers work on different operating systems, so be sure to choose one that will work with your computer. For instance, a Mac reader will not work on a PC and vice versa. Subscribers to Yahoo!, MSN, Hotmail, Thunderbird, or Gmail e-mail accounts may have a free reader already, in the form of a personal portal page that functions the same as a downloadable application reader. With these accounts, you can import KI's RSS address to display Kiwanis headlines in a news block on your portal page -- kind of like a personal Web page of all the news you'd like to read.

Other readers to check out:
Mac OS X

Can I use Kiwanis news feeds on my/our site?
Absolutely. You can display the latest Kiwanis news using RSS or simply provide links to resource pages on your site. The proper attribution when content appears is Kiwanis International News, as appropriate. You may not use the Kiwanis International or Kiwanis-family logo(s) or other Kiwanis trademarks however, unless you are an official Kiwanis club or district following proper graphic standards and guidelines. Kiwanis International does reserve the right to prevent the distribution of Kiwanis news content and does not accept any liability for its feeds.



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