Public awareness tools

Your Kiwanis club is a vital part of your community. But does your community know? At Kiwanis International, we’re making it easy to get the word out—by providing the tools you need to create public awareness. From advertising to social media. From news releases to public service announcements.

Use this public awareness toolkit to create awareness in your community. Let people know you’re there—making a local difference, made of local people.

Appoint a member to chair your club's public relations committee. The Kiwanis International Board recommends that all clubs add a chairperson to oversee public relations, image and marketing. The appointee will receive a monthly email with tips and trends in getting messages to the media.

Use public spaces and paid advertising to establish your club’s presence—and the Kiwanis brand—in your community.

Review the Kiwanis Brand Book

Public Service Announcements

Call your local television stations and cable company and ask them to play the 30-second public service announcement video. Ask a local radio station to read the radio PSA on-air.

We've created material you can use as part of the Kids Need Kiwanis brand campaign.

Brand your town and members
Don’t forget the Kiwanis Family Store! Install a Kiwanis sign at your town’s entrance and encourage club members to purchase Kiwanis-branded apparel, pins, window clings, magnets and more!


Digital communications
Hey, it’s the 21st century—we’re ready to help you take advantage of the electronic media that make communication faster and easier than ever. Your toolkit offers tips for creating awareness through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Website resources
Social media

Earned media
With the right resources and knowledge, you can “earn” a place in the local media. From education and training to communication tools, your public awareness toolkit offers what you need to build relationships with local media and get your club noticed.