Website planning

Creating and maintaining a Kiwanis club or district website should be relatively easy and exciting, not a frustrating chore. A well-done website that has adequate planning up front should be a rewarding experience when finished. Read on for some basic tips about getting started with a website and keeping it up.

    Choose your host

    • Kiwanis International only hosts Kiwanis-family websites for clubs through an annual subscription to the Portalbuzz club management system. This system offers 10+ design templates to choose from, an easy editor and more. Read about more benefits and take the demo.
    • The club website templates offered as part of the club management package require no technical skill. Take the demo (login:; password: kiwanis)
    • Districts are offered free hosting and free design templates through Kiwanis International. Inquire at
    • There are authorized licensees that offer hosting and website templates for clubs with minimal HTML knowledge requirements. Subscription fees apply.
    • Take care to select a website address (URL)–also called a domain name–that is short, easy to remember and makes sense to your users. Kiwanis International recommends this format: For example, for the Merritt Island, Florida, Kiwanis club. Add the state to differentiate between duplicate cities or regions.

    Plan your website and content

    Maximize your Web address

    • Add your new club website to the Find A Club locator on Have your club secretary change your Web address on the KiwanisOne secretary dashboard. Edits are reflected in real time for the website address and club meeting date, place, time.
    • Use the website URL in your e-mail signature, on club stationery, announcements, media releases, fliers and any other communication pieces.
    • Install Google Analytics on your site, track visitors and make adjustments to your content based on the data. 

    For assistance, contact