Guidelines for Kiwanis-family Websites

These guidelines are instituted by the Kiwanis International Board to be maintained and updated by Kiwanis International Staff. The guidelines are intended to illuminate policies governing the operation of the Kiwanis-family websites and all websites linked to or from those sites. The Guidelines also provide specific rules governing Kiwanis-family club websites.

Kiwanis International maintains the official Kiwanis-family websites as a service to Kiwanis-family clubs and interested guests. The Kiwanis-family websites include and are not limited to: Kiwanis International, Kiwanis Europe, Kiwanis Asia-Pacific, Kiwanis Latin America, Kiwanis International Foundation, Circle K International, Key Club International, Builders Club, K-Kids, Aktion Club, Kiwanis Junior, and the Kiwanis International Office. “Kiwanis-family club” refers to any member, club, division or district of the above-mentioned organizations and “Kiwanis-family club websites” refers to websites administered by those entities and not Kiwanis International.

I. Kiwanis-family Websites


Kiwanis International will maintain links to Kiwanis-family club websites. Kiwanis International will maintain links to any organizations officially approved by the International Board. Kiwanis International will not establish a link to any commercial organization except as part of an advertising contract or in the context of an official Kiwanis-family relationship, unless as provided for below. Kiwanis International has the right to delete a link for any reason.

Page design and content

Kiwanis International assumes no responsibility for any sites (or content of sites) linked to/from its Kiwanis-family websites. Further, it assumes no obligation to edit submissions (e.g., message board posts, photo uploads, etc.) to be posted on the Kiwanis-family websites. Kiwanis International reserves the right to edit, rewrite, and delete content at its discretion.

Kiwanis International is not responsible for informing anyone of any Kiwanis-family website changes, such as change of addresses for literature items or forms.


Please read the Kiwanis International User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Political Activity Outside Kiwanis

Although a Kiwanis-family website can provide balanced information on all candidates running for a given office as a public service, it shall not endorse a political candidate.

Political Activity Within Kiwanis

A candidate for a position on the Kiwanis International Board of Trustees may establish a website. Upon request by the candidate, Kiwanis International will provide a link or reference to the candidate’s campaign website within posted biographies or listings of candidates.

Endorsements or critiques of amendments and resolutions at the district and International levels may be posted only if the club or district board of directors votes on these issues and directs that the decision be announced on the website.

II. Kiwanis-family Club Websites

Kiwanis-family club websites should be linked to the appropriate Kiwanis-family website (i.e.: Kiwanis clubs to Kiwanis International, Key Clubs to Key Club International, etc.).

Kiwanis International does not provide Web hosting services for Kiwanis-family clubs but may link to or suggest authorized licensee, commercial, governmental, and non-profit Web hosts as it sees fit.

Submitting requests for links

To request a link from a Kiwanis-family website, you must submit an official request using the proper online form. Request to add or change a Kiwanis club link within the Find A Club feature. E-mail request to Specify the Kiwanis-family site for the link.>

In addition, by receiving a link on an official Kiwanis site, you agree to notify Kiwanis International of Web address changes.

Privacy Guidelines for Club Websites 

No Kiwanis-family club should assume the right to post members’ personally identifiable information on its website, including names, photos, phone numbers, e-mail, postal addresses, etc. Permission to post personally identifiable information must be granted by express permission given on a strictly opt-in basis. Implied consent by way of an opt-out process is not acceptable as express permission under the Guidelines. 

Kiwanis-family clubs may choose to post information about meeting places and times. However, officer names, addresses, and other contact information should be posted in areas protected by secure password protection for members of that club only, unless express permission is given as above.

Personally identifiable information listed in the Kiwanis International Directory shall not be posted on any Kiwanis-family club website, unless authorized on an individual basis as above.

Membership Development

A Kiwanis-family club shall not solicit new members through its website, but it may invite persons interested in learning more about the club to attend a meeting or to receive more information about the club. Only when a member is ready to stand as a sponsor may a person be considered for membership.  Link to Kiwanis International's home page for the Find A Club locator feature.

Official documents, emblems, and trademarks

Every Kiwanis-family club website shall adhere to the Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures of its organization. These governing documents define the standards and practices of all official Kiwanis entities. Copies and interpretations of these documents are available from the Member Services Department at the Kiwanis International Office.

Kiwanis International documents cannot be copied or distributed without express permission of Kiwanis International.

Kiwanis-family clubs, club members, divisions, districts, federations, and foundations are permitted to use the Kiwanis name and Kiwanis Family registered trademarks on their websites provided such use conforms with Kiwanis International Policy C 4, “Use of Name or Emblem,” and provided that the marks are not connected to commercial activity. To learn more about restrictions on the “Use of Name or Emblems,” see the online document titled “Kiwanis International’s Authorized Licensees”. Kiwanis registered marks shall not be used in combination with any other emblem or name.

Kiwanis registered trademarks shall not be used on or in connection with any goods or services or in connection with any goods or services or as a trade name by a person, firm, or corporation without prior written approval of Kiwanis International.

It is the responsibility of every Kiwanis entity, each club of the Kiwanis family, and every individual Kiwanis Family member to ensure that the official Kiwanis-owned registered marks maintain the respect of Kiwanis International has earned over the years. Their protection as registered marks from unauthorized use demands the highest priority.

All officially accepted Kiwanis International amendments and resolutions to be considered at the annual Kiwanis International Convention will be posted on the Kiwanis International website. To avoid confusion, these items should not be posted on club, district, or division sites. Similarly, clubs should not post amendments or resolutions to be considered at the district level.

Page design and content

The home page of a Kiwanis-family club, division, district, federation, or foundation must clearly identify the entity sponsoring the page so that it will not be confused with any Kiwanis-family website, the only sites representing all of the Kiwanis Family. All such home pages should contain a link to its related Kiwanis-family website.

Clubs, divisions, and districts are encouraged to submit project stories and photos to the Kiwanis-family websites. Kiwanis assumes no responsibility for the uploaded material. Submission does not guarantee publication or use.

Clubs, divisions, and districts are urged to assert the following statement:

“The (name of Kiwanis-family club) assumes no responsibility for any sites linked to/from its website, has no obligation to edit posted submissions, and reserves the right to edit, rewrite, and delete content that it deems inappropriate for any reason.”

Any Kiwanis-family club creating a website should obtain an agreement from the developer assigning all rights for the content of the site to that Kiwanis-family club.

Commercial Activity

A Kiwanis-family club website, like a bulletin or newsletter, may carry advertising or recognition for donations but shall not endorse products or services.

Any Kiwanis-family club posting advertising on its website should obtain an agreement from each advertiser indemnifying the Kiwanis-family club and Kiwanis International against loss resulting from the advertisement including, without limitation, losses caused by trademark or copyright infringement and suits for defamation.

A Kiwanis-family club website may contain a link to a commercial site, but it should be clearly identified as part of an advertisement.

A Kiwanis-family club website shall not carry an advertisement or link to a commercial site that fails to meet the standards of the Objects of Kiwanis.

Fundraising and Solicitation

A Kiwanis-family club may promote only its Kiwanis-family related fundraising activities on its website. A member, club, district, or division shall not promote any program or project outside its club/division/district territory without prior approval of the Board of Trustees of Kiwanis International. Similarly, e-mail solicitation of funds or sales of products by a club within a district shall be confined to the geographic area in which the club functions except by mutual understanding and agreement of clubs or divisions in the area of solicitation. Advertising in support of club fundraising should be labeled as a fundraising activity of the club.

E-mail lists of Kiwanis-family members collected at a website or acquired by other means should not be used for junk mail without specific permission (opt-in process) of the members on the list. Kiwanis-family entities may not engage in unsolicited e-mail (Spam). The International Board must approve any commercial use of e-mail lists of Kiwanis-family clubs.


Opt-in: A policy for giving permission under which the user explicitly permits the Web site operator to collect the information, use it in a specified manner and/or share it with others when such use or disclosure to third parties is unrelated to the purpose for which the information was collected. (source:

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Opt-out: A policy under which the user's permission is implied unless the user explicitly requests that his/her information not be collected, used and/or shared when such use or disclosure to third parties is unrelated to the purpose for which the information was collected. (source:

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