Less than ideal website practices

What visitors don’t want to see

  • Stale news. Shoot for at least 1 weekly or bi-weekly updates; 30 days old should be the maximum allowed for "fresh" news.
  • Too much text. Keep president's message to a minimum and summarize other features. Don't overdo the number of pages on your site. 
  • Unprofessional design. Avoid neon colors, not enough contrast between text and background colors, flashing or unnecessary animation, too many fonts. 
  • Boring photographs: Great photos draw the best attention. Do your images convey fun and make the visitor want to keep reading or browsing?

    • Avoid club leader photos. Use photos of children or service projects.
    • Avoid photos that involve a podium, a large group of people huddled together, a giant check or banner.
    • Avoid photos from the back of a room showing only backs of heads.

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