Promote your club

Communications is vital to Kiwanis growth and service. A good communications strategy and well-executed tactics help maintain positive relationships between your club and community—local and global. Messaging and media, whether it appears in a news release, brochure, public service announcement or website, should be consciously consistent.

Public awareness 
Do the people in your community know about your club? We can help you ensure they do. Kiwanis International is providing communication tools and tips to enhance public awareness of your club. Use this simple public awareness toolkit to let people know that your club is part of the community—and made of people who live there. 

And—if your club doesn’t have a website, you can easily create one with the simple-to-use Portalbuzz website builder.

Communications resources
Take advantage of the Kiwanis communications resources, including key messages, logos and images, news release templates and other media tools to spread the word about your club’s service and fundraising.

Doing a unique service project in your community? Partnering with other clubs in the Kiwanis family? Tell us about it before it happens! Email, and post pictures to the Kiwanis International Facebook page.