Project ideas

Popular project ideas include: 

  • Miracle mile of quarters: Typically centered on a well-trafficked place or event. Kiwanians lay quarters out, side by side, until they reach a mile (63,360 quarters). This mile translates to US$15,840 for kids at the hospital. Incidentally, it would take 1,584 rolls of quarters to achieve this goal. 
  • Duck races: Rubber ducks are sold for typically US$5, dumped into a waterway, and race - float - to the finish. The top winners earn prizes. Duck races usually are a big success, sometimes netting more than US$300,000. 
  • Airplane toss for kids: Participants purchase paper airplanes to toss onto a playing field with the opportunity to win prizes by landing their plane in a “prize square.” 
  • Miracle balloon sales (other merchandise sales too, i.e. bracelets, key chains, etc.): Clubs network with local businesses to sell the balloons. 
  • Dance marathons: Key Club and Circle K clubs have raised millions over the years via Dance Marathon – a minimum of six hours of dancing, games and merriment.

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