Kiwanis International 100th Anniversary - 1915-2015

Creative ways to celebrate

  • The number 100 and multiples of 100: 100 children served, 100 canned goods collected, 100 winter coats collected, 100 games donated to a school, etc.
  • “Platinum” projects and the metal’s properties (resistance to wear, tarnish, corrosion).
  • Achievements by your club and how you could tie in your club’s history. 
  • Achievements by your district and how you could tie in your district’s history at the club level, in cooperation with other clubs. 
  • Service Leadership Programs and how youth programs represent the future, supported by your Kiwanis club.
  • Tying in The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis’ anniversary gift to the world.
  • Tying in milestones of Kiwanis history.