Kiwanis International 100th Anniversary - 1915-2015

Celebration ideas

Kiwanis International celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2015. Is your club ready? In honor of our organization’s anniversary, some clubs will want to work on projects marking this historic milestone.

Before selecting a project, ask yourself the following questions so you can focus on what best fits your club:

  1. What would be a fitting project to celebrate Kiwanis International’s 100th anniversary? Brainstorm with club members.
  2. What skills or contacts can we bring to the project? For example, is there an expert landscaper or carpenter in the group? Does someone in our club have a contact at city hall?
  3. What facilities or organizations (community center, shelter, park, homes, etc.) would benefit from hands-on service?
  4. What signature project would leave a lasting mark on the community?
  5. What types of projects are our members passionate about?
  6. Will we involve our sponsored youth clubs or Aktion Club?
  7. Will we ask others outside the Kiwanis family to participate?
  8. Will our project attract media attention?
  9. Will our project appropriately reflect 100 years of Kiwanis service?
  10. Will our project create pride in membership and in our Kiwanis history?
  11. Will our project attract new members to Kiwanis?
  12. How much time and how many people will be needed to accomplish our goals?
  13. What is the estimated budget for our project, and how will we raise the funds?
  14. Will our project capture our members’ interest?
Creative ways to celebrate

Suggested service project ideas

Suggested fundraising ideas

Anniversary celebration ideas