Tom Currier for trustee


Tom Currier, Greenville, South Carolina
Kiwanis Club of Greenville Eastside
Carolinas District

Tom joined Kiwanis in 1999, and his most recent position was USA Region 2 The Formula chair, working with seven district chairs. In addition to having served in many Kiwanis roles, he served on local hospital councils and in church leadership positions. Tom and Katie married in 1980. They have two children and four grandchildren.

Why did you decide to run for office?
Concern about the long-term future of Kiwanis prompted my decision. The decline in membership continues and is now impacting our Service Leadership Programs. The experience garnered from working for large corporations, and 25 years of running my own business, affords me a unique perspective and a better understanding of the value of change.

What qualifies you to become an officer of Kiwanis International?
Being the Region 2 The Formula chair for the last three years has provided valuable insight into life at the Kiwanis International level. The opportunity to understand the culture better prepares me to work within the system to help target the decline in membership.

How will you leave your mark on Kiwanis?
Kiwanis has left an indelible mark on my life. Being able to work in the areas of district governance, SLPs, club opening, club strengthening and retention, coupled with assisting other districts with their membership growth initiatives, has provided a small avenue with which to begin to repay my debt. 

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