Amendment and resolution proposals

Don't just have an opinion. Put it into action. Important amendments and resolutions are submitted for votes at the convention every year. As a convention delegate, you'll be a part of the discussion.

The following amendments and resolution proposals will be discussed and voted on by the delegates present at the convention.

Review the full text of the amendment proposals.

Read a summary of proposals:

Amendment: To clarify that district board endorsement of candidates for the Kiwanis International Board requires pre-approval by the Kiwanis International Board. 
Proposed by the Kiwanis International Board.
Amendment: To require that Kiwanis International trustee candidates complete their terms as immediate past governor prior to formally announcing candidacy to Kiwanis International. 
Proposed by the Kiwanis International Board.
Amendment: To adopt a new family-membership status that allows a 50 percent dues discount for qualifying members. 
Proposed by the Pacific Northwest District, USA.
Administrative Resolution: To revise funding of the Kiwanis International convention by reducing the registration fee and establishing an annual convention assessment for each member; to segregate convention income and expenses in a separate account; to have selected convention functions livestreamed and archived online. 
Proposed by the Kiwanis Club of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 

If you plan to represent your club as a delegate in 2018, it's easy to prepare. Download the certificate of election of club delegates and alternates.

If your club wishes to propose an amendment to the Kiwanis International Bylaws or a resolution to be considered by the House of Delegates, consult the guidelines for making a proposal.