Amendments and resolution listing

Delegates to the 99th Annual Kiwanis International Convention considered the following proposed amendments to the Kiwanis International Bylaws, as well as one administrative resolution. The results of the house are noted in bold.

Download the amendments and resolution proposals booklet.

Proposed Amendments

Proposed by the Kiwanis International board:

  • To restate the existing authority and responsibility of the board to comply with ‘best practices' for nonprofit organizations. PASSED
  • To clarify provisions related to filling a vacancy in the office of Kiwanis International trustee. PASSED
  • To eliminate the required separation of subscription funds to allow them to be applied to various printed, electronic and digital communication vehicles now commonly used by Kiwanis members. REFERRED BACK TO COMMITTEE 
  • To provide greater flexibility in district operations, in agreement with proposed revisions to the Standard Form for District Bylaws. PASSED
  • To ensure that every Kiwanis club in North America is protected from liability through affordable directors and officers insurance coverage (D&O). PASSED
  • To establish stronger disciplinary provisions to help protect the entire Kiwanis organization and the youth we serve. PASSED

 Proposed by the Kiwanis Club of Cascadia, Oregon:

  • To provide a two-year waiver of Kiwanis International dues for persons who have recently served in the military. WITHDRAWN

Proposed Administrative Resolution

Proposed by the Kiwanis International board: 

  • To learn if clubs would like the Kiwanis International board to investigate replacing in-person voting with online voting for business normally conducted at the Kiwanis International convention: elections, amendments and resolutions. PASSED