2018 Kiwanis International Signature Project Submission

These are the questions that must be answered using the online submission form. This document is to help you prepare to answer the questions on the online submission form.

1. First and last name of person submitting project description
2. Your email address
3. Your mailing address
4. Name of district
5. First and last name of district governor
6. Name of club owning the signature project
7. First and last name of club president
8. Club president’s email address
9. Name of signature project
10. Has the district governor approved the submission of this project? Yes No
11. Describe the project. Is it a service project, fundraiser or event (such as a large event that is not a fundraiser or service project)?
12. Describe the community need being met through the project. Was a community assessment completed to determine the need? How was the need discovered? [Please complete all questions using 200 words or less]
13. Describe the population being served by the project. Please be as specific as possible and define the age group served and number of people served or helped.
14. How does the project benefit children?
15. How many people attended the project?
16. How many people were served or helped?
17. How many Kiwanis members participated?
18. Is the project recurring? If it was the first time, is it planned to be recurring? If so, describe its frequency (annual, monthly, every other year, etc.).
19. Are there Kiwanis partners involved in the project? If so, which partners and what is their role?
20. Are there other partners (outside of Kiwanis International’s official partners) involved in the project? If so, which partners and what is their role?
21. Describe how the Kiwanis brand is promoted throughout the project.
22. How is the project promoted?
23. Describe the media coverage your project received.
24. How many social media shares were made?
25. How does the project attract new members?
26. How many new members were gained through the project?
27. What is the total cost of the project (if applicable).
28. What is the per-member cost of the project? (if applicable: total cost divided by total membership number).
29. What is the per-member amount of funds raised by the project? (if applicable: total profit divided by total membership number).
30. What are the total funds raised by the project (if applicable).
31. Did members of any Service Leadership Programs clubs participate?
32. Please add any additional comments in support of the project.
Up to 5 supporting documents can be uploaded, including media coverage, event flyers, photographs, etc.